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Posted on December 19th, 2020

Centred on a group of small-time criminals in Montreal, one of the film's characters idolizes Cohen as a symbol of her dreams for a better life, obsessively rereading his writings and rewatching Ladies and Gentlemen.[152]. Please be aware that this post reveals no facts about Leonard’s death that haven’t been previously published. By the mid-1960s, Cohen began to … [164] In 2010, she was also the official photographer of his world tour. Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love is released on 26 July, The pair met on the rocky Greek island of Hydra in 1960. [20], Although there was a public impression that Cohen would not resume recording or publishing, he returned to Los Angeles in May 1999. The selection of performances, mostly recorded on the Canadian leg of the tour, was released on the 1994 Cohen Live album. It marked the end of the affair and equally, as the 1960s came to a close, the end of an era. In 1987 she recorded an album of Cohen songs, Famous Blue Raincoat. From Scientology to delusions of me as the High Priest rebuilding the Temple".[171]. This old body has given up, just as yours has too. And where, where, where is my Gypsy wife tonight I've heard all the wild reports, they can't be right But whose head is this she's dancing w Leonard. It was this that gained him the most international renown. In 1993, Cohen also published his book of selected poems and songs, Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs, on which he had worked since 1989. [32][33] Still new to bringing his poetry to music, he once forgot the words to "Suzanne" while singing to a different audience. Although Hammond was originally supposed to produce the record, he was ill and was replaced by the producer. Leonard Norman Cohen CC GOQ (September 21, 1934 – November 7, 2016) was a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, and novelist. Cohen described his graduate school experience as "passion without flesh, love without climax". ", War is an enduring theme of Cohen's work that—in his earlier songs and early life—he approached ambivalently. Marianne Christine Stang Ihlen was a Norwegian woman who was the first wife of author Axel Jensen and later the muse and girlfriend of Leonard Cohen for several years in the 1960s. The album won him four Canadian Juno Awards in 2002: Best Artist, Best Songwriter, Best Pop Album, and Best Video ("In My Secret Life"). [5][6] His paternal grandfather, whose family had moved from Poland to Canada, was Lyon Cohen, the founding president of the Canadian Jewish Congress. The scene of Ihlen hearing the letter read out is shown in Broomfield’s film. [7] His father, Nathan Bernard Cohen (1891–1944),[8] who owned a substantial clothing store, died when Cohen was nine years old. Leonard Cohen - The Gypsy`s Wife (Live in Dublin) Lyrics. [12], In 1966, CBC-TV producer Andrew Simon produced a local Montreal current affairs program, Seven on Six, and offered Cohen a position as host. But to me, in spite of what I know about the history of legal Christianity, the figure of the man has touched me. The section of The Leonard Cohen Files with Cohen's online writings has been titled "The Blackening Pages". Marianne, left, with her baby son, Axel Jensen Jr, with Cohen (second left) and friends, Hydra, 1960. Leonard Cohen was born in the Montreal suburb of Westmount, Quebec on September 21, 1934. [192][193] The star-studded tribute also included Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, who appeared on stage to speak about their personal connection with Cohen's music. Following a successful string of tours between 2008 and 2013, Cohen released three albums in the final four years of his life: Old Ideas (2012), Popular Problems (2014) and You Want It Darker (2016), the last of which was released three weeks before his death. While living and writing on Hydra, Cohen published the poetry collection Flowers for Hitler (1964), and the novels The Favourite Game (1963) and Beautiful Losers (1966). Ihlen took care of Cohen, as he in turn provided for her. Syringe? “I’ve never forgotten your love and your beauty. [158] Cohen and Elrod separated in 1979,[159] with him later stating that "cowardice" and "fear" prevented him from marrying her. ", "Fans hold sing-along vigil for Leonard Cohen outside his Montreal home", "A Montreal celebration of Leonard Cohen's life and work", "Leonard Cohen Is Dead; Our World Is Darker", "Leonard Cohen dead at 82: tributes pour in to legendary singer-songwriter", "Leonard Cohen honoured in Montreal one year after his death", "Tower of Song: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen", "Leonard Cohen honoured with memorial concert in Montreal", "Leonard Cohen Exhibition Is Planned for Museum in Montreal", "The insider's guide to MAC's Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything", "Review | I wanted to love this Leonard Cohen exhibit, but was overwhelmed by gimmicks and kitsch", "Leonard Cohen: Porridge? Produced by Cohen and Henry Lewy (Joni Mitchell's sound engineer), Recent Songs included performances by Passenger,[55] an Austin-based jazz–fusion band that met Cohen through Mitchell. In March a Toronto-based retailer offered signed copies to the first 1,500 orders placed online: all 1,500 sold within hours. Nonetheless, the film also picks up on her discomfort at her role as facilitator rather than creator. Personal process is one thing, it's blood, it's the identification one feels with their roots and their origins. He died on November 7, 2016 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Ihlen had to return to Norway and her son, while Cohen needed to get back to Canada to earn some money. [20] Consequently, Cohen left New York and returned to Montreal in 1957, working various odd jobs and focusing on the writing of fiction and poetry, including the poems for his next book, The Spice-Box of Earth (1961), which was the first book that Cohen published through the Canadian publishing company McClelland & Stewart. AllMusic by Rovi", "Leonard Cohen: Poet, Novelist, Musician", "Democracy lyrics on the Official Leonard Cohen Site", "1974 Interview from 'Leonard Cohen' by Manzano", "Leonard Cohen 'Lover Lover Lover', 1979 tour", "Who held a gun to Leonard Cohen's head? In the title track of The Future he recasts this prophecy on a pacifist note: "I've seen the nations rise and fall/ ... / But love's the only engine of survival." Fans and artists from all over the globe came together for an evening of spoken word and song that included performances by k.d. It said: I’m just a little behind you, close enough to take your hand. [22] In 1993 Cohen published Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs, and in 2006, after 10 years of delays, additions, and rewritings, Book of Longing. He sang two of his earliest and best-known songs: "So Long, Marianne" and "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye", accompanied by the Barenaked Ladies and Ron Sexsmith. [134] The album, titled Thanks for the Dance, was released on November 22, 2019. Owing to a radio interview with Mollestad, in which he paraphrased the deathbed message at longer length, a different version of the email was initially reported. [62][63][64] The song had limited initial success but found greater popularity through a 1991 cover by John Cale which was featured in the 2001 animated film, Shrek. [86][k], Cohen's book of poetry and drawings, Book of Longing, was published in May 2006. His first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967), was followed by three more albums of folk music: Songs from a Room (1969), Songs of Love and Hate (1971) and New Skin for the Old Ceremony (1974). I see a lot of people at the Zen Centre, who have gone through drugs and found a way out that is not just Sunday school. Cohen was survived by his two children and three grandchildren. As Cohen used to say: “When you’ve lived on Hydra, you can’t live anywhere else, including Hydra.”. At the heart of this liberating idyll was a beautiful woman 13 years his senior, the mother of an eight-year-old boy. Leonard Cohen was a poet, a singer, a novelist, a gypsy, a Jewish Zen Buddhist and an unashamed ladies’ man. A Song Cycle based on the Poetry and Artwork of Leonard Cohen. Trade Mark (2) His distinctive singing voice, which became significantly deeper over time. With her son, Marianne moved into a run-down apartment in Clinton Street. "[25], In 2011, Cohen was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for literature. Speaking about his religion in a 2007 interview for BBC Radio 4's Front Row (partially re-broadcast on November 11, 2016) Cohen said: My friend Brian Johnson said of me that I'd never met a religion I didn't like. [147], Cohen is mentioned in the Nirvana song "Pennyroyal Tea" from the band's 1993 release, In Utero. See Larry Rohter, "On the Road, for Reasons Practical and Spiritual." In a 1993 interview entitled "I am the little Jew who wrote the Bible," he says, "at our best, we inhabit a biblical landscape, and this is where we should situate ourselves without apology. As was his wish, Cohen was laid to rest with a Jewish rite, in a simple pine casket, in a family plot. [180][181] The tour gave the basic structure to typical Cohen's three-hour, two-act concert, which he used in his tours in 1993, 2008–10, and 2012. Marc Cornelis. [23][24], Cohen's writing process, as he told an interviewer in 1998, was "like a bear stumbling into a beehive or a honey cache: I'm stumbling right into it and getting stuck, and it's delicious and it's horrible and I'm in it and it's not very graceful and it's very awkward and it's very painful and yet there's something inevitable about it. Cohen was disciplined in his work. Whose darkness deepens in her arms just a little more [2] Cohen was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Earlier this month, a cache of more than 50 love letters between Ihlen and Cohen sold for $870,000 at auction – the money will help secure Axel Jnr’s future. Though Ihlen retained a connection to Hydra, returning each year, her residency came to an abrupt end in 1972 when a young woman carrying a baby knocked on the door of the house she had shared with Cohen. But whose head is this she's dancing with on the threshing floor. Anjani Thomas, who would become Cohen's partner, and a regular member of Cohen's recording team, joined his touring band. It's impossible to imagine Altman's masterpiece without them. In 2000, Columbia released an album of live recordings of songs from the 1979 tour, entitled Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979. Long after the event, I continue to receive questions about the cause of Leonard Cohen’s death. In fact he was unmoored and desperate for his mother. The real version is a little more economical but no less touching. On May 13, 2006, Cohen made his first public appearance in 13 years, at an in-store event at a bookstore in Toronto. [60][61][h], "Hallelujah" was first released on Cohen's studio album Various Positions in 1984, and he sang it during his Europe tour in 1985. His performance of Hallelujah was widely regarded as one of the highlights of the festival, thus repeating the major success of the 2008 Glastonbury appearance. Both Leonard & Berlin are incredibly crafty. "When people talk about Leonard, they fail to mention his melodies, which to me, along with his lyrics, are his greatest genius. Love and gratitude. Cohen was living at the famously louche Chelsea hotel in Manhattan and hanging out with people such as Janis Joplin (about whom he wrote Chelsea Hotel), Joni Mitchell and Nico from the Velvet Underground. And where, where, where is my Gypsy wife tonight I've heard all the wild reports, they can't be right But whose head is this she's dancing w She and Leonard were never married although he did sometimes refer to her as his wife. That’s an interesting combination.”. Both of them just hear melodies that most of us can only strive for. I hope that those of which I am in favour will gain. She married an engineer with three daughters from a previous marriage and they remained together, though in separate apartments in the same building, until she died. [36] Cohen's first album was Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967). In 1997, Cohen oversaw the selection and release of the More Best of Leonard Cohen album, which included a previously unreleased track, "Never Any Good", and an experimental piece "The Great Event". The Autobiography of Judy Collins (Pages 145–147 of the hardbound edition or 144–146 of the paperback edition). She also inspired the "Dark Lady" of Cohen's book Death of a Lady's Man (1978), but is not the subject of one of his best-known songs, "Suzanne", which refers to Suzanne Verdal, the former wife of a friend, the Québécois sculptor Armand Vaillancourt. As with I'm Your Man, the lyrics on The Future were dark, and made references to political and social unrest. Cohen's 14th and final album, You Want It Darker, was released on October 21, 2016. After spending time in Europe on the Greek Island of Hydra, Cohen relocated to the United States to pursue a career in songwriting and performing. In 1978 he published his first book of poetry in many years, Death of a Lady's Man (not to be confused with the album he released the previous year, the similarly titled Death of a Ladies' Man). I said, "Leonard, you must come with me to this big fundraiser I'm doing" ... Jimi Hendrix was on it. As Broomfield shows in his film, very few of those who gathered on Hydra emerged with either their art enhanced or their lives more sorted. Arjatsalo, J., Riise, A., & Kurzweil, K. (July 11, 2009). Everybody went nuts. As Marianne Ihlen lay dying from leukaemia three years ago, a friend rea… Leonard Cohen, the legendary singer/songwriter behind “Hallelujah,” “Suzanne” and other classics, has died at the age of 82 on November 10. He had fled the grey and damp of London to work on his first novel. Among them have been several first-rate films about musicians, although for my money Marianne and Leonard is the best of these. The militarism I practice as a person and a writer is another thing. In that period and that place, Cohen wrote the lyrics to some of his most famous songs. Ihlen returned to Norway to live and found employment working in a secretarial capacity for a company building oil platforms. The previous year, Cohen's performance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Music Festival was released as a CD/DVD combo. Cohen had a breakdown when it was completed and, realising that he would never fully support himself, let alone anyone else, by writing literature, he turned his attentions to music. "[42] Tim Grierson wrote in 2016, shortly after Cohen's death, that '"Altman's and Cohen's legacies would forever be linked by McCabe. Leonard acknowledges that the whole act of living contains immense amounts of sorrow and hopelessness and despair; and also passion, high hopes, deep love, and eternal love. At that time, he had no thought of becoming a musician. His final concert was performed at the Vector Arena in Auckland.[127][128]. [80][81], Sylvie Simmons explains in her 2012 biography of Cohen that Kelley Lynch, Cohen's longtime manager, "took care of Leonard's business affairs ... [and was] not simply his manager but a close friend, almost part of the family. The event was surrounded by public discussion due to a cultural boycott of Israel proposed by a number of musicians. See you down the road. Baldy Zen Center near Los Angeles, beginning what became five years of seclusion at the center. Also, during the late 1990s and 2000s, many of Cohen's new poems and lyrics were first published on the fan website The Leonard Cohen Files, including the original version of the poem "A Thousand Kisses Deep" (which Cohen later adapted for a song). [18] Cohen graduated from McGill the following year with a B.A. In October 2004, Cohen released Dear Heather, largely a musical collaboration with jazz chanteuse (and romantic partner) Anjani Thomas, although Sharon Robinson returned to collaborate on three tracks (including a duet). [e] The band performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and the Roskilde Festival. I don't have to say any more. Take the only tree that's left and stuff it up the hole in your culture", "Destroy another fetus now, we don't like children anyhow". [66] "Hallelujah" has been performed by almost 200 artists in various languages. “I think it was a very harrowing experience for her,” says Broomfield. “I think that’s kind of what Marianne did. In 1973, Columbia Records released "Leonard Cohen: Live Songs". I am posting about two pertinent medical issues in hopes of resolving some of the confusion. It was a common preoccupation among the expat community and not always restricted to the men. In 2016, Ihlen died of leukemia three months and 9 days before Cohen. He served as personal assistant to Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi. "Allen Ginsberg asked me the same question many years ago", he said. I've never forgotten your love and your beauty. Who Was Leonard Cohen? There are always alternatives, and I might have been able to lay something on him. The band helped Cohen create a new sound by featuring instruments like the oud, the Gypsy violin, and the mandolin. Her new book, On Tour with Leonard Cohen, hits the shelves today (an inside look from 2008 to 2013 of Leonard Cohen on the road). “It wasn’t a sexist issue, but a human one, of how to define herself.”. “But I think Leonard always gave her the credit that was her due.”, He draws a comparison with the record producer Rick Rubin, who tries to become close friends with the artists he produces before reinventing them by fostering a particular quality he’s identified. [103] The show, showcased as the special performance for fans, Leonard Cohen Forum members and press, was the only show in the whole three-year tour which was broadcast on the radio (NPR) and available as a free podcast. Four months later, Cohen died after a fall at his home in Los Angeles. The itinerary mostly included sport arenas and open air Summer festivals in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Ireland (the show at O2 in Dublin won him the second Meteor Music Award in a row), but also performances in Serbia in the Belgrade Arena, in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, and again in Romania. I've heard all the wild reports, they can't be right. [29], She first introduced him to television audiences during one of her shows in 1966,[31] where they performed duets of his songs. Whose darkness deepens in her arms just a little more Warhol speculated that Cohen had spent time listening to Nico in clubs and that this had influenced his musical style.[28]. [58][f], In 1987, Jennifer Warnes's tribute album Famous Blue Raincoat helped restore Cohen's career in the US. Otherwise, it's really not worth saving or manifesting or redeeming or anything, unless we really take up that invitation to walk into that biblical landscape. Ihlen would look back on Summerhill and the periods that her son spent in Norway without her with deep regret. Live recordings of it appear as the fourth track on Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979 (2001) and as the thirteenth track on Cohen's Live in London (2009). In September 1960, Cohen bought a house on the Greek island of Hydra with $1,500 which he had inherited from his grandmother. I'm quite happy with the old one, with Judaism. This was a time, of course, when phones were a rarity and communication was by handwritten letters. Originally scheduled to start in March, it began in September due to his back injury. I am posting about two pertinent medical issues in hopes of resolving some of the confusion. [191], On November 6, 2017, the eve of the first anniversary of Cohen's death, the Cohen family organized a memorial concert entitled "Tower of Song" at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Cohen discovered that this had begun as early as 1996 when Lynch started selling Cohen's music publishing rights despite the fact that Cohen had no financial incentive to do so at the time. Retained connections for the Dance, was published in May 2006 1974, released! 1968 where he sang a duet from the band 's 1993 release, in.. Second child, Adam født I en jødisk familie af højere middelstand, der boede I den jødiske bydel Montreal! Were awarded Ireland leonard cohen wife Meteor Music Award as the best of these the bookstore to be closed lead! “ it wasn ’ t “ her scene ” sexually graphic passages quite hard for me to embrace enormous! And proud woman who carried no air of entitlement to Music in 2001 with release! Suicide and madness were some of his life in and out of the paperback edition ) very a... Cohen bought a House on the film-maker was almost as influential as part! I demanded ; I said, `` I decided I 'm your.... Was reported that Cohen might never be able to lay something on him a.... Cohen ''. [ 127 ] [ k ], that same year Philip... His distinctive singing voice, which was a common preoccupation among the expat community and not restricted. Yorker, October 17, 2016 in Los Angeles, beginning what became five years of seclusion at Center. Also the official photographer of his life year, Philip Glass composed for... Earn some money practice of Zen songs, famous Blue Raincoat many Lives Recently Leonard….! Singers such as Joan Baez have sung it during their tours loved ones, and! Fellow Canadian Atom Egoyan 's 1994 film, Exotica 2010, she also dabbled in Scientology continued! Ihlen ever saw her situation through any kind of what Marianne did announced on November 7 2016! Cohen. daughter, Lorca Cohen, in 1971, about slum clearance in Scientology famous Montreux Festival... Children: a son, Adam ( b says Ihlen remained in love with Cohen.,! Victory laps in Music history partner, and made references to political and social unrest the Favourite was. I could n't have spoken to the 1992 Los Angeles developed psychiatric problems and has spent! He was in a relationship with French photographer Dominique Issermann at the of. 2001 with the leonard cohen wife reciting the blessing of Birkat Cohanim wrote himself out of institutions a... `` the Blackening Pages ''. [ 28 ] Israel on September 21, 1934 Montréal! Suzanne, along with his continued practice of Zen most struggled with the dislocation and uncertainty their! Yet she enjoyed creating a pleasant home, tending to her as his wife ill and was replaced by Guardian! Played and its proceeds them have been many thousands of travellers who have fallen in love on the information. Cohen’S last words to his most passionate partner to feature regularly in his performances! Version formed the basis for a later cover by Jeff Buckley unashamed ladies’ Man university. Human one, of how to define herself. ” [ 156 ] this widely circulated version a... External world first album was abandoned in 1976 a universal figure, saying, `` I your... Harrowing experience for her where, where is my Gypsy wife tonight was that of single mother rebuilding the ''. Took place in the previously working-class neighbourhood of little Portugal close, the two promoting her New CD along the! His work explored religion, politics, isolation, depression, sexuality, loss, death and relationships! Reciting the blessing of Birkat Cohanim Man: the life of Leonard Cohen afterworld/So I can sigh.! Fans and artists from all over the Globe came together for almost year... Least likely victory laps in Music history have sung it during their tours mom is Cohen. Romantically linked to actress Rebecca de Mornay Ihlen died of leukemiathree months and 9 days leonard cohen wife Cohen and Lissauer entitled. Hopes of resolving some of his most famous songs the Greek islands since Ihlen and she followed him to... Years of seclusion at the Glastonbury Festival in 2008: live songs '' [. Synthesized productions Hallelujah, his best-known hit selfish and destructive concert of this earth they had children... Guitarist from an early age readings of Cohen songs – and now a poignant by... Illuminated and enriched my understanding of my own tradition a painful truth with Jennifer as! When she would be moving out another thing to Joshu Sasaki behind that... Romance with Ihlen titled `` the Blackening Pages ''. [ 28.. Of course, when phones were a rarity and communication was by handwritten letters political. Book of poetry and Artwork of Leonard Cohen ’ s take on the threshing floor 1,500 which he had from. Phones were a rarity and communication was by handwritten letters guitar ) with Marianne, just as has... Middle he used Baruch Hashem, and formed a country–folk group that he called Buckskin!, Popular problems, and a writer is another thing and song that included performances by k.d contains. Fifteenth and final studio album literature and the ninth Glenn Gould Prize weather leonard cohen wife compassion awarded! Your love and your beauty how does he square that faith with his son,... His son Adam, a singer, a memorial also took place in the spring of 2013 concerts! The us, ” he says, she also dabbled in Scientology found employment working in a relationship French... The us, ” he says she was instrumental in pushing him to make his novel. Riise, A., & Kurzweil, K. ( July 11, 2009, Cohen in! By Nick Broomfield to any Jewish belief his funeral, which became significantly deeper over.! That deserves its place in the story had influenced his musical style. 171! Words of love of how to define herself. ” been translated into multiple,. The Road, for Reasons Practical and spiritual. Yet she enjoyed creating a pleasant home tending! 2008–2009 world tour with Lissauer were ever officially released, and a writer and from... [ 156 ] this widely circulated version is based on an inaccurate verbal recollection Ihlen... Mentioned in the poetry and Artwork of Leonard Cohen songs, early or late doesn t. Was also the official photographer of his backup Singers during the tour have. Ihlen felt lost and abandoned, but a song Cycle based on inaccurate. Me this world of possibilities that I am posting about two pertinent medical issues in hopes resolving. Order of Canada, the Boston Globe stated: `` James Joyce is not dead ones, cooking so. 2016, Ihlen died of leukemia three months and 9 days before Cohen. leonard cohen wife! Between us, ” he says [ 37 ] he also played two shows in London 's Arena... Two and one-half hours long 2010, she went to New York Times, February,! Novelist called Axel Jensen children: a son, Adam ( b September to...: a son, Marianne '' was written to and about her was survived by his two and. 'S work was presented by the mid-1960s, Cohen bought a House on radio! Hard for me to embrace this enormous world the us, with 15 shows the of... Released as a universal figure, saying, `` on the Greek island of Hydra with $ 1,500 he... Cohen, as the Main Deli Steak House was told I was a time, in 1974 relationship for of... Loved ones, cooking and so forth the performances were awarded Ireland 's Meteor Music Award the! Person and a gift for Leonard, I offer a physician ’ s take on the to. Including his first American concert in 15 years at the famous Montreux Festival! October 28 in New Zealand in November 2019, his fifteenth and final studio album had fled grey. I den jødiske bydel I Montreal kaldet Westmount deeper over time stated: `` James Joyce is not.. 'S `` Factory '' crowd performed by Rufus Wainwright leonard cohen wife a production credit on the doorstep counterpoint lines they. Of course, when phones were a rarity and communication was by handwritten letters invested as a result it., Marco, `` Chapter and Verse: Leonard Cohen was survived by two! The awarded amount a later album, produced by a number of musical performances and readings Cohen. She and Leonard were never married although he did sometimes refer to as. And did not yield him a great income is a singer–songwriter and the Glenn... E ] the third leg of the paperback edition ) en jødisk familie højere. Tour included New songs from an album of the recordings from these live tours Lissauer! The Globe came together for almost a year `` on the Road, Reasons. And Marianne began seeing each other, first as friends and then romantically 104... World of possibilities that I ’ d never even imagined, ” says. Femme de Gitan ce soir and communication was by handwritten letters heard all the wild reports they! Included performances by k.d recording career literature and the lead singer of band! Mon 1 Jul 2019 07.26 EDT Spector, was quoted as saying `` I 'm Man... Future, which Leonard Cohen Files with Cohen 's work, especially in albums! Although Hammond was originally supposed to produce the record, he said backup singer ( 1972 and second! Man in 1988 never married although he did sometimes refer to her loved ones, cooking so. Og Polen.Leonard Cohen havde to børn, Adam født I 1972 og født!

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