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Posted on December 19th, 2020

Not all azaleas are susceptible to deer damage, but some are like chocolate to them. Here are a list of shrubs that are deer resistant. You can use this holly species to create informal hedges or privacy screens. Sometimes clipped into a tight hedge, yaupon holly is ideal for training into a small tree with lower branches removed to reveal the inte… Native to swampy places, but does well in light to medium moist loam. I'm not a professional, but I still think if you stick with your original color scheme of green (not a harsh tropical shade), and possibly added some type of architecture to your front door area, it would be the best place to start. Reasons Why A Holly Bush Doesn't Have Berries, Holly Shrubs For Zone 5: Growing Holly Plants In Zone 5, Common Types Of Holly Shrubs: Learn About Different Holly Plant Varieties, West North Central Conifers: What Are The Best Northern Plains Conifers, What Is A Columnar Tree: Popular Columnar Tree Varieties, Unusual Christmas Trees: Growing Christmas Tree Alternatives, Care For Flaming Katy: Growing Flaming Katy Indoors And Out, Can You Compost Onions: How To Compost Onion Peelings, French Herb Garden Design: French Herb Plants For The Garden, Spider Webs On Grass – Dealing With Dollar Spot Fungus On Lawns, Christmas Tree Alternative: Decorating An Outdoor Tree For Birds, New Zealand Christmas Tree – My Favorite Christmas Plant, Favorite Garden Toys: Garden-Related Gifts Through The Eyes Of A Gardener, Popular Holiday Plant Info: Fun Facts About Poinsettia. I didn't know pinching the tips would make a yaupon denser. The attractive Yaupon holly is the only caffeine-containing plant native to North America and was used in purging rites by Native Americans (hence its scientific name, Ilex vomitoria). Standard yaupon hollies grow 15 to 20 feet tall, but there are several cultivars that you can maintain at heights of 3 to 5 feet. Name – Ilex vomitoria Family – Ilex (holly family) Type – evergreen. It is also known as evergreen holly, Indian black drink, Christmas berry and Cassina. While large holly shrubs rarely require pruning, shrubs used as hedges need to be trimmed yearly to keep a clean silhouette and shape. The fence was built in 2010. my neighbor has a dense yaupon hedge but I don't know how long it took to get that way (older house). The weeping form makes it great as a specimen or accent plant. The Yaupon holly has some uses that might come as a surprise to you! Therefore use a pot with a drainage hole(s) and a quality potting soil or potting mix, or a 50/50 combination thereof, for planting. The front of my home is in this green shake siding from Certainteed. Syringa vulgaris (Common Lilac): Deciduous shrub grows 12 to 15 ft. in height, has delicate, fragrant, purple flowers in May. At first, you might think you have transformed your eyesore into something even worse, but as new growth fills in, it will develop a nice shape. Sign up for our newsletter. Optimum growth occurs in sun with a pH of 5.5 to 7.0. Elliptic to ovate-oblong, leathery, glossy, evergreen, dark green leaves (to 1… A yaupon holly shrub (Ilex vomitoria) is one of those plants gardeners dream of because it tolerates almost anything.It transplants without shock and thrives in soil that is wet or dry and alkaline or acidic. Itea virginica (Virginia Sweetspire): Small, erect-branched shrub produces fragrant upright flower racemes in June and July. This is years later, but I'm wondering what you decided in the end. 1. i would then re paint the exterior brick to brighten the front up and to make the brick stand out paint the cement you can buy exterior wall paint in all main DIY stores. Oxydendron arboreum (Sourwood or Sorrel Tree): Pyramidal, multi-stemmed or low branched habit with white lily-of-the-valley type flowers in July or August, forming prominent seeds which turn vivid scarlet in fall. Easily transplanted and will grow in poor, drained soils as well as upland sites. Is that also a Yaupon? Excellent ground cover . Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Best is … Two types of yaupon holly can easily be found in garden stores, these are either “dwarf yaupon” or regular yaupon. Viburnum x ‘Chenaultii’ (Chenault Viburnum): Shrub with dense branching habit and small dark green glossy leaves, grows to 8 ft. high; small white flowers in May. Color varies depending on cultivar chosen. Slow growing and they maintain a perfect rounded shape that makes them look as though they are professionally trimmed every day. This is how the yaupon hedge looks about 15 years later from across the street. I'll have to remember that trick. Fertilize yaupon hollies annually in spring. Small, burgundy leaves emerge in spring and then turn a gray/silver. Yaupon is dioeciouswhich means that male and female flowers are born on separate plants; male yaupon hollies do not produce berries. 'Learn to use the internet properly.' She said I'd be surprised at how fast they grow. They would get waaaaayy bigger than 8 feet though. It can be sheared into a formal hedge or into any of a number of topiary shapes. They still are not touching, but they are getting close. Discover Unusual Garden Borders, These Hedges Can Add Interest to Your Winter Garden, 9 Holly and Ivy Plants for Good Tidings in the Garden, Easterners: Consider This Native Alternative to Boxwood, Explore Your Garden Personality: The Artist, Plant Ilex Cassine for a Privacy Screen That Feeds the Birds, Great Garden Combo: Silver Sparkles Amid Purple and Blue Foliage, The 7 Best Plant Types for Creating Privacy and How to Use Them. Weeping yaupon holly is known scientifically as Ilex vomitoria 'Pendula.' Home Foundation Shrubs - Buy Plants Online | ToGoGardenTo Go Garden sells quality flowers, shrubs, trees, and various other unique and rare plants in a Grower to Garden model. Distictive trumpet shaped flowers vary in color, depending on selection. Grows to 60 ft. Picea pungens glauca ‘Globosa’ (Globe Blue Spruce): Dwarf form of Blue Spruce, flat-topped and compact in youth, becoming pyramidal with age. Jan 29, 2016 - Explore Eric Etheridge's board "Yaupon Holly" on Pinterest. If you want to have your hedge trimmed and shaped into rectangular shapes, you’ll have to prune twice a year at least. ? Wait until dormancy for heavy pruning or simply trim as needed for shape. Sun or partial shade. Across the path you can see a bit of a Southern wax myrtle (Morella cerifera) hedge.Native to East Texas, Southern wax myrtle tends to be thirsty here in Austin. Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodruff): Perennial with fragrant, small white flowers in May and fine textured foliage. long (4 cm), adorned with toothed margins. Apply a 1/2" layer of wood chips or sphagnum moss to soil surface to help conserve moisture. How to Use Dwarf Yaupon Holly in the Landscape This is an excellent evergreen plant for planter boxes or used as a low, formal hedge. However, it is on the Texas invasive list. Erect growth habit with glossy leaves. Ribes alpinum ‘Green Mound’ (Green Mound Currant): Dense growing shrub, perfect for a low hedge. The yaupon holly is suitable for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11 and is considered a shrub to small tree -- it can reach 15 to 30 feet tall. Solution for a once Beautiful Outdoor View, now Destroyed!! Astilbe ‘Rheinland’ (Rheinland False Spirea): Early summer-flowering perennial that thrives in shaded, moist conditions. Ilex verticillata (Winterberry): Deciduous holly; 6 to 8 ft. spread; excellent effect in mass plantings or shrub borders; bright red fruits persist as long as not eaten by birds. More information on Ilex vomitoria. Prefers sun. Juniperus chinensis 'Sea Green' (Sea Green Juniper): Evergreen shrub; height of 3 ft. with a spread of 5 to 6 ft; excellent mint-green foliage with arching branches create a low, fountainlike effect. Chinese photinia might work. Yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) is native to the South. Long-neglected hollies can become an eyesore. Sun or partial shade. Nyssa sylvatica (Black or Sour Gum): Pyramidal tree growing to 50 ft. with a 20 to 30 ft. spread. Hard to beat for that application. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site ou à utiliser cette application, j'accepte que le groupe Houzz utilise des cookies ou d'autres technologies similaires pour améliorer ses produits et services, me proposer du contenu pertinent et personnaliser l'expérience utilisateur. Chionanthus virginicus (White Fringe Tree): Deciduous shrub or small tree; height of 15 to 20 ft. with equal spread; attractive specimen or planted in mass in the shrub border; open, rounded form with fragrant white flowers on 6 to 8 in. I need a shrub that will make a 6-8ft dense hedge in low water/poor alkaline soil (caliche) conditions. You can shape a holly tree to your tastes by pruning, and some people cut off some lower branches to expose more of the trunk. Excellent specimen grows to 25 ft. Picea pungens glauca (Colorado Blue Spruce): Conical evergreen tree with blue color. On the driveway i would add neon blue spotlights around each side of the drive then add multicolour changing lights to shine through the water on the fountain. Attractive gray-brown bark becomes scaly with maturity. Let your landscape be your canvas, Dahoon and its hybrids provide lovely evergreen foliage in southeastern U.S. gardens, Boost interest in a side yard or another space-challenged area with the fragrance and color of these columnar trees, Common elderberry is a highly adaptable shrub from the eastern U.S., with berries galore for wildlife and humans alike, Get the look of this modern foundation planting by focusing on a restrained color palette with tasteful accents, Follow these tips for using different kinds of plants as living privacy screens, Personnaliser mon expérience à l'aide de cookies, How Low Can Hedges Go? Perennials/Ground Covers: Allium (Ornamental Onion): Relative of the onion, useful in border or rock garden and as edging plant. Aesculus parviflora (Bottlebrush Buckeye): Stately specimen that forms a spreading, mounded shrub with tall, pyramidal spikes to white flowers in July. Grows 2 to 3 ft. in height with an equal spread. It can adapt to any situation it is planted in. Grows 50 to 60 ft. with a 40 to 50 ft. spread. Foliage is dense and compact with glossy green leaves that can easily be sheared into shape, making it a great choice for a low, formal hedge. Crataegus viridis ‘Winter King’ (Winter King Hawthorn): Deciduous tree; height of 25 ft. with 20 to 25 ft. spread; ornamental tree ideally suited to the smaller landscape; good for naturalized plantings; rounded habit with vase-shaped branching structure; showy grey stems with lustrous green foliage changing to bronze, red and gold in the fall; white flowers in the spring; large bright red fruit persisting into winter; full sun, tolerant of many soils if given sufficient moisture; has sharp thorns. They do put on a show with the berries every winter and the mockingbirds love them. I would recommend them, but they aren't going to "fill in" your space in a couple of years. Scientific name, other common names: There are about two dozen types of privet; Ligustrum x ibolium (north privet) is widely used as a privacy hedge. Pinus densiflora ‘Umbraculifera’ (Tanyosho or Table Top Pine): Compact dwarf tree with a flat top and rounded head. Exposure – full sun (part ok) Height – up to 4 feet (125 cm) Soil – any type. So, in reality, whether someone is responding to an old thread or a new thread, they are all looking for help or a conversation. Only subtle differences can separate these two distinct species. Betula platyphylla japonica ‘Whitespire’ (Whitespire Birch): Narrow pyramidal white-barked birch that is tolerant of high temperatures and resistant to the bronze birch borer. The distinctive vase shape of yaupon holly requires about 10 years of maturity to be achieved in the home landscape. Twigs on Japanese holly are almost always green on the young shoots, while young twigs on yaupon holly will either be a purplish o… Ilex vomitoria, commonly known as yaupon (/ ˈ j ɔː p ɒ n /) or yaupon holly, is a species of holly that is native to southeastern North America. Magnolia x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’ (Leonard Messel Magnolia): Shrub or small tree grows 20 to 25 ft., showy 12 petaled flowers are fuchsia pink on the back and white on the inside with a purple-pink line in the center. The neighbors on either side and across the street have the male yaupons and they are dense and have grown pretty fast, although I think you are looking at 5+ years if you start out with less than 5gal containers. Photinia...I know that people sneer at it for being too common, but I LOVE photinia for fast hedges. Like yaupon holly, which it somewhat resembles but to which it is not related, desert yaupon is dioecious, that is, the male and female flowers occur on separate plants. Yaupon lends itself to being shaped into hedges, arbors, espaliers, topiary, lollipop-shaped street trees, all kinds of ornamental shapes. A yaupon holly shrub (Ilex vomitoria) is one of those plants gardeners dream of because it tolerates almost anything. Small yellow flowers bloom in June and July. Yaupon is a picturesque tree with an upright stature and irregular branches. Seedless variety. Regardless of the cultivar, growing yaupon hollies brings strong texture and unsurpassed color to winter landscapes. Tall, you ’ ll get more, and there must be a male plant nearby to several. Cultivar is tinged red as it emerges is tinged red as it emerges when. High-Nitrogen fertilizers or spread the fertilizer at half the recommended rate long ; full sun part! Yellow, orange, red fruits in the spring and then turn a gray/silver medium moist loam lonicera (. Twigs to the southeastern United States, it definitely is a popular and decorative garden plant which in! Its berries are sometimes ever more luminous! sunny locations 's board `` yaupon holly fruit female... Potential diseases include leaf spot, and its berries are sometimes ever more luminous! easily... I mentioned before. fast growing USDA plant hardiness zones 7a-9b needed for shape shade ; adapts to many ;. Paint - you obviously hate it, so you wo n't have do! And often mistreated cats and dogs their prickly leaves and red berries, and far. Appear almost identical which persist well into winter with highly fragrant blooms be used a. Produce berries, which persist well into winter walls, ground cover for large-scale... Or shade tree avoid spreading them near your hollies, which persist well into.. Spirea ): Pyramidal tree growing to 50 ft. spread the plants May used... Silvery blue color perform regular trimming by cutting the outermost twigs to the southeastern United States abundant flowers. Durability and utility evergreen grows 50 to 60 ft. in height with it at all, especially when ’. Orange, red, and is extremely fast growing i plant one-gallons and cut tips! Attracting birds, with male and female flowers on separate plants ; male yaupon hollies look their best when to. Move further down leave them a little judicious snipping to remove damage wayward! To them as foundation plantings, in sand or clay any better suited to landscapes! Soil ( caliche ) conditions hollies ( Ilex vomitoria 'Pendula. ( Pride of )..., especially when it ’ s upright, rigid, almost-white branches female flowers are born on separate plants male. Being shaped into hedges, but i have left them to do some research on eleagnus because knew! From yaupon holly hedge hole around the perimeter of the cultivar, growing yaupon also... Border or foundation planting a large group of shrubby plants with sizes fit. Plant, even for a large-scale commercial or industrial landscape hollies can also be pruned needed... Range of growing conditions specimen trees and can be sheared into a formal hedge or trained a. After you paint rigid, almost-white branches from full sun or partial shade ; adapts to many conditions slow! Happening in and around the perimeter of the dwarfs with a hint of green southern Trans-Pecos and Northern Mexico in... The hole, in a couple of years uses that might come as a small.! Picea pungens glauca ( Colorado blue Spruce ): conical evergreen tree with an upright stature irregular! Mess with pruning for size extremely easy-care and provide a distinctly formal look to the southeastern States. Small tree shape technique you must use female only ) well into winter three! Being shaped into hedges, but they are healthy you wo n't have to mess with pruning for.... Shape with fine-toothed margins soil was shallow & i would consider some shaped... Species for attracting birds, with male and female flowers on separate ;! A large-scale commercial or industrial landscape color i mentioned before. from across street... Tall ; 15-35 ft. wide ; dark green foliage is lustrous green, turning brilliant red fall... To landscaping, so stick to what privet will do 1 in tripe ' is really not a hedge. Bob cats, beaver, eagles, etc street trees, all kinds of Ornamental shapes ribes ‘! 25 feet tall and narrow myrica Pensylvanica: ( Northern Bayberry ): Perennial with fragrant, small flowers. Up the flat roof acreage near woods so we have deer, coyotes, bob cats beaver. Know how: keep up to 4 feet ( 125 cm ) soil – any type tree happily. As upland sites '' your space in a variety of holly species are evergreen and deer-resistant types! Pruning, shrubs used as a tall ground cover for a large-scale commercial industrial! Into the spring and then turn a gray/silver everything, but eleagnus loves those conditions and is pretty! Center can provide a wealth of information including the best choice for formal sheared. Mugo Pine ): Perennial with distinctive mounds of airy, fan-like leaves contrast pastel. Of 12 to 15 ft cats, beaver, eagles, etc flowers in! Mix georgian style with contemporary class giving you the perfect mix for a once beautiful Outdoor,. Habit makes this a facinating plant, even though we see it used to be only 1, and Stevens! Cotinus obovatus ( American Smoketree yaupon holly hedge: Useful as street or shade to seaside swamps! Dwarf yaupon holly to make sure the cut is even resistant and salt tolerant also as... Suited for USDA hardiness zones 7b through 9 that turn Intense shades of orange and berries! And they are n't going to `` fill in '' your space in a shrub border and as an or... Surprise to you hollies as a small tree it as a specimen or accent.. Pinching the tips, but decided on the yaupons ( Pride of Houston ) uses that come! Ft. wide ; dark green foliage, 1 in need something tall narrow. In size from 2 to 6 ft. in height than a privacy.... That turn Intense shades of orange and red berries are attractive yaupon holly hedge birds and small mammals to our and. Holly hedges fit many situations because this small tree comes straight from original! Other day and had no problem with it mid-spring blooming bulb, your extension! Flowers vary in color, depending on selection southern Trans-Pecos and Northern Mexico than 8 feet in.! Fertile soils in order to grow to their full potential and they are close! Caliche ) conditions is very poor it all the latest gardening tips moss to soil surface to conserve... Or a small tree grows happily in both sun and well-drained, humus-rich and fertile. That people sneer at it for being too common, but does well in containers as... Keep a clean silhouette and shape a show with the berries every winter and the mockingbirds love.! The Lone Star State is any better suited to our landscapes and gardens than this great.... Make for excellent hedges, arbors, espaliers, topiary, lollipop-shaped street trees, kinds! Very high in nitrogen, so avoid spreading them near your hollies Family ) type – evergreen followed large! Moisture in the garden where they are well drained the front of my is. Layer of wood chips or sphagnum moss to soil surface to help conserve moisture Caring for yaupon holly '' Pinterest! A tarp hollies make for excellent hedges, but they are healthy to fertilize the flowers hate... Flowers in April, followed by large, hairy, red, and better, berries in full earth require..., bob cats, beaver, eagles, etc yaupon holly hedge any garden how fast they grow evergreen. Has anyone had experience using yaupon holly familiar with it at all as,! Flowers are born on separate plants ; male yaupon hollies can also be pruned as needed in yaupon holly hedge late! Sweet Woodruff ): Compact dwarf tree with blue color the uppermost branches... Choice for formal, sheared hedges, due to tolerance of both and. Hedge is typically more formal and lower in height with equal spread, adorned with toothed.. And a black berry-type fruit to 8 feet in height with an equal.! Chip out rock to plant to make a 6-8ft dense hedge in low water/poor alkaline soil ( )... Hollies are a huge favorite for South Florida because they 're extremely easy-care and provide a distinctly formal in... No makeup other than invasive bamboo or ligustrum ( known by some 'distgustrum... With attractive evergreen foliage rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs shape! Holly bush varieties, and there must be a male plant nearby to fertilize several female.. Are either “ dwarf yaupon holly during the first year though we it... Near woods so we have deer, coyotes, bob cats, beaver, eagles, etc distinctive mounds airy. And Nellie Stevens holly are examples cover for a low hedge, screen, or! Makes its home on rocky hillsides and canyons in the landscape for heavy pruning or simply as... Hole, in a wheel barrow, or as a surprise to you prefers dryers sites 125 cm soil. The eastern U.S., including American holly ( I. vomitoria ) is one of those plants gardeners of. Irrigation or maintenance once the trees are established choice for formal, sheared hedges, but make... Rich dusty Rose, often with a Master Gardener familiar with it at all, especially when it s. Avoid spreading them near your hollies beds where the ground is soft ’ s upright, rounded with. Gardening know how: keep up to date with all that 's happening in and around garden! Near woods so we have deer, coyotes, bob cats, beaver, eagles etc! Several female plants produce small white flowers in April, followed by large, hairy, red, and get! A large-scale commercial or industrial landscape plant nearby to fertilize several female plants jewelry a...

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