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salsa timberjack ti frame weight

Posted on December 19th, 2020

Read more here. I am guessing that it would fit a 29 X 2.8 comfortably with the Alternator slid all the way back, and even a 29 X 3.0, but it would probably be extremely tight. As Salsa marketing manager Mike Riemer says: “Dress up your Fargo Ti or Timberjack Ti as understated or jaw-droppingly stunning as you wish. Reviews, ratings, specifications, weight, price and more for the Spot Brand Rocker Frame Even Salsa, who was a late devotee to titanium, pulled its Ti frame options out of its 2016 model year lineup. According to Salsa, the framesets are already available via the brand’s network of US retailers. Size: XS SM MD LG XL Top Tube Length: 568 588 608 ... 3 year frame warranty Weight: 4 lb 12 oz (2,155 g) Miscellaneous: 2019-2020 version Description of Salsa TIMBERJACK Ti - 27.5+/29" MTB Titanium Frame Set - 2021 - titanium Ripping Hardtail! Salsa engineer Sean Mailen was excited to bring titanium back to Salsa’s range. Plus, my favorite crankset, the Race Face Aeffect, got a Wolf Tooth CAMO chainring system with an oval 30t ring. I’m eagerly anticipating getting her back, and soon! You’re further back when you stand up on the pedals to descend, which keeps a good center of gravity for braking and maneuvering at higher speeds. “Titanium has an incredible ride and hits the sweet spot between lightweight, strong, and durable,” said Mailen. But as I work my way through my 40s, the idea of a super lightweight bike that’s still hard wearing and resilient was increasingly getting under my skin. Visit this section to learn how to choose a route, and some insight into navigation. *Note that Salsa specifies that the Timberjack fits up to 29 X 2.6″ tires. This year’s new models feature the same frame sizes (XS-XL) and specs as before, including a 67.4° headtube angle, adjustable 420-437mm chainstays, room for up to 29 x 2.6″ or 27.5 x 3.0″ tires, and alternator dropouts. Size XS SM MD LG XL; Stem Length: 60mm: 60mm: 60mm: 60mm: 60mm: Crank Length: 170mm: ... Every Salsa frame, component, and apparel has a useful product life cycle. What ultimately drew me to these wheels was Ibis’ commitment to wide rims. Weight with pedals is 26.6 lbs on my scale Frame: Medium Mukluk Carbon Used.. It’s also available as a black frame for $449. During our abbreviated trip in the Caucasus Mountains, I found that the Timberjack Ti—and the parts and bits involved in this build—performed exactly how I expected. What could be better for a frame to support the optimal “Adventure by Bike” build? Size XS SM MD LG XL; Stem Length: 50mm: 50mm: 50mm: 50mm: 50mm: Crank Length: 170mm: 170mm: 175mm: ... Every Salsa frame, component, and apparel has a useful product life cycle. After demoing the Salsa Deadwood SUS, I was sold on the ‘Wide Trail’ concept. All told, as I mentioned in the Niner RDO fork review, I was keen on my next bike being extremely light, fast, stiff, and responsive. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. With the Timberjack, the ~74° seat tube angle is moderately steep—although not as steep as the 75° angle on the Kona Big Honzo—and there isn’t as much bend just above the bottom bracket as there is with many of the new carbon bikes, which often resemble a boomerang. 2019 Salsa TIMBERJACK KIDS. After all, mountain bike hub standards and frame geometry have been shifting about as much as my own wants and requirements. others did. Salsa’s Timberjack NX1 hits the modern hardtail checkboxes with 27+ wheels, internal cable routing, a 120mm fork, and low, slack aluminum frame Russell Eich / Immediate Media. You can unsubscribe at any time. Versatile Salsa Timberjack Alternator Dropouts – Compatible with single speed, geared, QR or thru-axle, freehub or Rohloff. This agitated a few diehards, but thankfully Salsa released titanium versions of their popular Fargo and Timberjack frames… just in the nick of time. 6066-T6 & 6061 Aluminum Tubeset. First off, I added the 49T GC Cog and WolfCage Kit to the 11-42 XT CS-M8000 cassette. This is all speculation as I don’t currently have access to the bike to try. Our blend of proprietary, top-shelf 6066-T6 double- and triple-butted tubing in the main triangle with 6061-T6 chainstays and seatstays creates a light, responsive, and durable frame with great trail feel. The Fargo is the epitome of the Minnesota-based company’s motto “adventure by bike” and is a drop-bar MTB optimised to work with the Salsa Woodchipper dropbar. One year after Salsa’s entry into Kids bikes, the Timberjack 20 and 24 with rigid forks return ($559/549). As a tall rider, I’m sold on the idea of a “trail-touring” geometry that places importance on a steep seat tube and long top tube for balance and knee comfort. Timberjack is a 27.5+ hardtail that makes it easy to find more fun on more trails. When Salsa announced its 2016 range of bikes, the brand had all but eliminated titanium frames from the lineup. The Timberjack has a geometry that’s dialed toward what I’d call comfortable trail bike. According to Ibis, this all nets a stronger wheel. Titanium is a lightweight, corrosion resistant, and scuff-proof material with an unmatched strength to weight ratio. I had sold my ECR, but I was regularly demoing new bikes for review, so I had the luxury of waiting. Cick the link to see them plotted or select from the links to the right to filter. Weight: N/A Miscellaneous: 2019 Version Recommended fork travel: 100-120mm Available in both "frame only" and "frame, fork, dropper" kit Molded downtube and chainstay protector Metric trunnion mounted shock Price: Frame: $2,549; Frame, fork, dropper: $2,999; More Info: And while no amount of tire width can replace the supple feel and traction of a full … I think this combination is key to creating a nimble trail rig that’s still comfortable to pedal on open dirt roads. It has under downtube bottle mounts, internal cable routing, and Alternator 2 dropouts that make it possible to switch plates for various hubs and to run tire sizes from 27.5+ to 29 X 3.0*, including my new personal favorite, 29×2.6. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. These frames offer great value for riders looking to upgrade their trail frame to a modern design. And, why are there so few titanium options on the market, especially amongst mainstream bike companies? It felt confident on technical, loaded descents. The asymmetric design allows for higher spoke tensions and the rim design provides better impact strength. TIMBERJACK TI FRAME; Timberjack Frame; Timberjack Frame. Sleep system (Big Agnes Fly Creek UL3 tent, Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt, Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Mat, Big Agnes inflatable pillow), Phone, hat, documents, sketch pad, pen and pencils, snacks, Head lamp, cord, pocket knife, snacks, sunscreen, This is where I like to keep heavier items: Food, toolkit (tool roll with spares and all tools), 8 oz Orange Seal sealant, chain lube, rain jacket, Gore-Tex pants, Gore-tex socks, Clothes: 1 short sleeve merino t-shirt (Specialized), 1 long-sleeve Icebreaker wool skirt, Patagonia Merino Air bottoms, Patagonia travel pants, 2 pairs of wool socks, 1 pairs of underwear, toiletries, Crumpler camera insert, Peak Design Capture Pro 2, Canon 5d, 2 lenses, Platypus 3L foldable water bladder, Sawyer squeeze bag (large), Montbell Down anorak. Case in point, with both the Surly Krampus and ECR at my disposal, I chose to ride the Krampus the majority of the time. 100 – 130 mm suspension / 420 – 437 mm chainstays / 135 mm QR – 142 mm thru-axle – BOOST-148 / Dropper-post compatible / Weight: 4 lb 12 oz Salsa Fargo Ti Dreambuild for upcoming Adventure Cycling Association Fundraiser! Last spring, I pulled the trigger on a new bike. Coming from a ski background, his father a former European pro convinced him to try collegiate crit racing. or 27.5x3.0 in. is the resource for the latest bikepacking routes, gear reviews, insight & adventure stories. Bikepacking, touring, and self-supported adventure riding has exploded in popularity in r… 3/2.5 Seamless Titanium Tubeset Timberjack Ti Frame – U.S. MSRP $2299. The Fargo Ti with Firestarter carbon fork is priced at $2,499 and the Timberjack Ti frame $1,999. Learn More, We have ~100 routes on our worldwide bikepacking routes map. The Timberjack Ti is a more traditional hardtail, designed for a 130mm fork and 27.5+ (or 29-inch) wheels and tires. View The Map, There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. The Timberjack Ti is a more traditional hardtail, designed for a 130mm fork and 27.5+ (or 29-inch) wheels and tires. There are a few specific aspects of the Timberjack geometry that work particularly well for me, the most notable being its steep seat tube angle. Salsa Timberjack Ti Frame $2,699.00 The Timberjack Ti absolutely owns all paths — wooded, skinny, and flowy, making you the master of every ride thanks to its multi-talented character. No word yet on international pricing and availability. Click the link below to learn about each. The Fargo also comes with Salsa’s Alternator dropout, meaning it can be run geared or single speed; QR or thru-axle; or with a Rohloff Speed Hub. Prior to that decisive moment, I wasn’t quite ready to commit to a new bikepacking rig. Timberjack is Salsa's hardtail mountain bike that’s equally at home pushing the limits on singletrack or bikepacking to places you’ve yet to discover. While the Salsa is fun and capable on singletrack, there are significantly better options at this price. The Timberjack frame features short chainstays for agility, and Alternator dropout plates that accommodate multiple hub, wheel, and tire configurations, perfect for a life-long rally machine. The raw numbers alone don’t tell the whole story, though. It is compatible with 27.5+ or 29-inch wheels, and ready to tackle anything from singletrack and gravel — and even a paved road if that takes your fancy. This build is made up of many carefully chosen components and several I ported over from other bikes. This replaced the 17T and 19T cogs with the 18T and 49T. Had it been available, the choice may have proven a little more difficult. Start Here, Broadly speaking, there are three bikepacking genres to choose from – Multi-day Mountain Biking, Ultralight Race & Gravel, and Expedition & Dirt Touring. Fat Bike BEARGREASE ... Ti: 32mm: Front Derailleur Mount: 148mm rear spaced: high direct mount (29mm offset) Problem Solvers Bracket (FS1328) ... Every Salsa frame, component, and apparel has a useful product life cycle. Although his bright socks say full roadie, he can often found exploring singletrack or grinding down a gravel road. While I usually prefer singletrack-heavy routes, much of what I ride falls in the dirt road category. Complete Bike Weight: 30 lb 4 oz - MD: Component Sizing. Moving up to the $1500-$2500 range, frames begin to incorporate more sophisticated, multi-link suspension designs, superior rear shock technology and reduced frame weight thanks to the use of carbon fiber. In my typical fashion, I put a lot of thought (maybe too much) into configuring this bike and really didn’t get to spend much time riding it before boxing it up for the Republic of Georgia. View The Classics, The Bikepacking Journal is our printed collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography.Find details here alongside a growing collection of web exclusive features... Have one to share? It’s got a long and slack geometry, short 420mm chainstays and internal cable routing, and the frameset is claimed to weigh 2.1kg including the Liplock seat collar. This seems more beneficial when it comes to taller riders. The others were all picked by hand. According to Justin Julian, Salsa’s Brand Manager, “The major death blow to Ti was the invention of carbon fiber bikes. Whichever the reasons, margins or looks, it seems that titanium framesets have gone out of favor with a lot of bike companies. The seat tube angle is measured from the center of the bottom bracket shell to the tube center at the seat post collar. Let's talk bikes It’s got a long and slack geometry, short 420mm chainstays and … Timberjack Ti Frame Spec. Specced with a rigid fork, the Timberjack’s angles measure about 68.5° for the head tube and 74° for the seat tube. RANGEFINDER Approachable Hardtail Trail. Minnesota-based brand brings back titanium. All of these tweaks bring the range to 445% with a granny gear of about 17.2 gear inches, perfect for loaded mountain biking. Timberjack TI Frame Timberjack Ti frame is equally at home pushing the limits on singletrack, or bikepacking to places you’ve yet to discover. Simply put, bikepacking is the synthesis of mountain biking and minimalist camping; it evokes the freedom of multi-day backcountry hiking, with the range and thrill of riding a mountain bike. And I was intrigued. This agitated a few diehards, but thankfully Salsa released titanium versions of their popular Fargo and Timberjack frames… just in the nick of time. Salsa Timberjack Frame: Riding Type: Cross Country, Trail Rider: Unisex Sizes and Geometry: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL View Geometry. Make the trail yours with Timberjack XT 27.5+. The bike is stiff, responsive, and insanely lightweight, which helped considerably on long climbs and during a couple epic hike-a-bikes in Tusheti National Park. ... Six of the best Titanium Bikes - Is it time for you to get some TI? View All Features. I did make a few mods to personalize the gear range. TIMBERJACK KIDS Kids Hardtail Adventure. Salsa Timberjack Quick Overview - Duration: 11:51. $449 USD (MSRP) ... Frame Weight: 4 lb 12 oz - MD: Component Sizing. In this feature story, Ben Page offers a reminder of the value of getting out on shorter, simpler trips, instead of getting wrapped up in planning something big... With a Niner carbon fork and Ibis hoops, Logan dialed in his Salsa Timberjack Ti for ultralight adventure. The 35mm internal width makes the perfect pairing with 2.6-2.8” tires. is dedicated to exploration by bicycle. Subscribe today and get the next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5! Fargo Ti Frameset Spec. And most importantly, how did it actually ride? The Salsa Timberjack NX1 29 is a value-priced and highly capable mountain. I'm in the market for a new frame and have decided I'm ready to roll with a Ti frame. Supreme traction from the 27.5 x 2.8” tires will get you up and over anything you encounter out there—with a little help from the nimble geometry, dropper post, and 130 mm suspension fork. Salsa’s aluminum Timberjack trail hardtail has returned for 2020 with fresh colors, graphics, and build specs. Space metal is pretty great, too. It looks perfectly spaced with breathing room…. It’s an investment, but it promises a long life, even when subjected to the wear, tear, and general beating that can be attributed to long bikepacking trips. Salsa brings back the Fargo Ti and adds Timberjack Ti to lineup, Salsa has brought titanium back to its lineup, The Timberjack is a long and slack hardtail compatible with 29 or 27.5+ wheels and tires, The Fargo is unique, to say the least. Features. Salsa Timberjack 27.5+ GX1 With the recent introduction of several 27.5+ hardtails, there’s a pretty good selection of sub $1.5k plus bikes currently on the market. We believe travel by bicycle encourages conservation and inspires respect for people and cultures. As I mentioned in my Timberjack Ti ... 29 (black/$1,199). Salsa Timberjack Frame. Learn more here. So, when a bike has a bent seat tube, the more the seat post is raised (the taller the rider), the smaller that angle actually is. That said, I’m perfectly content with this setup as I like the feel of Shimano XT shifting. I’ve never owned a Ti bike before, but I have ridden a few. The format is particularly attractive to bikepackers given the added potential for a full-frame bag, fixed space for a seat pack, and a sure-footed, terrain expanding platform — not to mention, affordability. To compensate, on a bike such as the Woodsmoke, I have to move my saddle as far forward as possible, which is not an ideal solution. Don’t get me wrong, simple and affordable steel bikes have served me well. This allows companies that are working with carbon to put their own spin into unique shapes, tube profiles, and suspension configurations. ... Fargo Ti Vs. Fargo 2 question on weight. The Ti Fargo frame is compatible with the 135 QR Rohloff Speed using the boost reduction adapters and our Rohloff OEM 1 alternator plate. The Salsa Timberjack NX Eagle 29 is the complete package. Support us and pass it along... to support us & get The Bikepacking Journal. I am speculating that the Timberjack Ti will fit 3.0s based on clearances depicted in the two photos directly above. Titanium has its own unique feel that you just can’t get from any other material.”, To build these frames, Salsa has enlisted the expertise of Taiwanese titanium frame manufacturers ORA. Fargo Ti Frameset with Firestarter Carbon fork – U.S. MSRP $2499. Designed as a take anywhere do anything bike it’s meant to be used for adventuring, FOX AX gravel suspension fork first ride review, Why the next adventure road bike is a mountain bike in disguise, Ten tips to stay motivated through winter, How to ride your first century, double century or longer ride in 2021, Gallery: gravel bikes and gear from Sea Otter 2017. These show a Nobby Nic 29 X 2.6 with the Alternator pretty far forward (maybe 1/4 the way back). “Once you fall in love with titanium nothing else can replace it. Trying to narrow down and wondering if I could get some insight. It’s a frame material I’m happy we are still working with. Already have an account with us? Apparently, folks are cramming 29 X 3.0″ rubber on the aluminum versions, but they are very tight. Get £10 off the fantastic 1000W Cooks Professional Stand Mixer, Whip up some of your best bakes yet with this powerful and easy-to-use stand mixer. Thanks! The Thomson stem and seatpost, Salsa Bend 2 handlebars, Ergon GS1 grips, Selle Anatomica X1 saddle, and TRP Spyke mech brakes were all recycled. Originally published in The Bikepacking Journal 03, Ditibised is Alexandera Houchin’s extraordinary story of training for the Tour Divide, framed in four seasons…. MORE INFO MORE IMAGES. If you are long-legged like me, and the seatpost is raised to accommodate a stork-like inseam, the bend results in an effective seat tube angle that’s not nearly as steep as claimed. Salsa: Colors: Red/Orange: Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL: Weight: 23 lbs / 10.4 kg: Frame: Aluminum: Fork: RockShox Sektor RL at 130mm travel: Pedals: HTI-P15 plastic: Seatpost: Trans-X Dropper JD-YSP15L: Saddle: WTB Volt Comp: Stem: Salsa Guide Trail: Shifter: SRAM NX Eagle: Crankset: SRAM NX Eagle PS – 32t: Derailleurs: SRAM NX Eagle: Hubset: Sun Ringle SRC: Rims: … The wheelset is my favorite part about this build. And as much as I love the idea, I wasn’t fully prepared to commit to a custom bike by an independent framebuilder, either. Weight: 25lbs. Additionally, it provides a little more cushion when set up tubeless. Honestly, I kind of felt like the ideal frame didn’t yet exist. So what made the Timberjack Ti frame so special? With a relatively slack head tube angle (67 degrees), 130mm of suspension travel, and an aggressive 2.8-inch front tire, the Timberjack is more than ready to do battle on all but the most advanced trails. In either situation I favor a long geometry that leans toward the trail bike side of the spectrum. Timberjack Ti (complete) The second bike to get a titanium upgrade option is the Salsa Timberjack mountain bike hardtail. The Timberjack comes in five sixes, XS to XL and it also comes in a titanium frame only build, along with a regular alloy frame option. Full Timberjack builds start at $2,000 (around £1,532) with the Ti frame costing $2,500 (£1,915) and the aluminium frame only being $550 (around £420). Riders who are simply looking for a ripping trail bike should look elsewhere. Frameset Weight. In comparison, those expenses have remained relatively steady. Start with … Each frame features 3/2.5 seamless triple butted tubesets and clean TIG welds, which Salsa says will offer an “extremely impressive ride quality.”. For the youngsters. The Timberjack is a sensible option for the rider who wants a hardtail for adventure riding on the weekend and wants to get out for some trail riding with the crew during the week. In addition to having a geometry that suits my tastes, the Salsa Timberjack checks a lot of other boxes. Stay tuned for your chance to win! Even Salsa, who was a late devotee to titanium, pulled its Ti frame options out of its 2016 model year lineup. Eagle GX wasn’t yet on the market when I was speccing the drivetrain. By nature, hardtails aren’t typically known for their descending skills, but this is just one of the many standout qualities of Salsa’s Timberjack NX Eagle 27.5+. Laced up with steel spokes, the USA-built Ibis 942 includes a quick engagement I9 Torch hub and an asymmetric, low-profile rim design with a hookless bead. With attachment points for gear racks, fenders and up to five water bottles, it’s ideal for touring and overnight adventures. Gin and I both took the Schwalbe Nobby Nics and we have mostly positive things to say about the Nobby Nics and 2.6” tires in general. It was a noticeable omission, but now the Minnesota-based brand has revived the material by bringing back the Fargo Ti and announcing the Timberjack Ti. By RPG in forum Salsa Replies: 22 Last Post: 08-13-2012, 10:55 AM. I have nothing but good thing to say about this solution so far. As Skyler pointed out in his Kona Big Honzo review, and as Benedict hinted at when mentioning the geometry inspiration behind his Ultranutmegger, some of us seem to be finding magic in this particular subset of bike geometry. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Colin now resides on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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