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cirrus vision jet specs

Posted on December 19th, 2020

The Cirrus Vision Jet is the first single-engine very-light-jet on the market. The Cirrus SFR50 Vision Jet we flew for this report was a nicely equipped 2016 factory demonstrator outfitted with TCAS, TAWS, Vertical Situation Display, Garmin color weather radar, … Search 1000's of Aircraft listings updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers. The Vision jet … 4.2 m/sec. Cirrus Aircraft. Vision Jet Specifications: 28,000 FT. Takeoff distance: 2,036 FT. 17,500 ft. 5,334 m. Stall Speed with Flaps. 600-hr … The Vision Jet G2 is the 2 nd generation achieve the performance trilogy, flying higher, faster and further. Base price: About $2 million . The Garmin Perspective integrated flight … At best-economy cruise, fuel … ; Weight of empty aircraft: 1678 kg . Airframe & Engine. 828 ft/min. Aircraft … Fast Facts. ; Maximum flight speed: … The average hourly rental rate of the Vision Jet is around 2,250 USD per hour. It may be a G1 by serial number, but the G2 upgrades including G2 Wing, G2 Sound Proofing and G2 Carpet have … N17CX is a stunning 2017 Cirrus Vision Jet available for immediate delivery! It has excellent performance and is simple to fly and operate. Crew: 1 people; Passenger: 6 people; aircraft Length: 9,4 m . The single engine jet is equipped with the CAPS parachute system and now certified with Cirrus … Search more Cirrus airplanes on Hangar67. Specifications Expand All. Cirrus Vision Jet Performance The SF50 is powered by a … The Vision Jet received a warm reception when it was announced and before production started Cirrus had received over 600 orders for the aircraft. ; Plane Height: 3,2 m . 2020 Cirrus SF50 G2 Vision Jet airplane for sale located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Cirrus is known for its safety in the aviation world with a parachute system if the plane has an emergency. Cirrus Vision Jet. The Vision Jet by Cirrus Aircraft is the first Personal Jet. The Cirrus Vision SF50 (also known as the Vision Jet) is a single-engine very light jet designed and produced by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota, United States. 1,478 ft. 451 m. Climb Rate. Specifications The CIRRUS Vision SF50, manufactured from 2015-2019, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 5 passengers. All Cirrus Aircraft Models with Prices, Photo Gallery and Specifications. A mock-up of the aircraft was first revealed in 2007, and a prototype followed in 2008. The maiden flight was made on 3rd July 2008, but development ceased shortly afterwards due to lack of funding. It’s a jet … First Name * Last Name * Email Address * Comments. This is the Vision Jet, which sits in a class of its own – a single-engine personal jet aimed squarely at owner-pilots, though it also has the potential to shake up the lower-end of the private jet sector. By Stephen Pope. ; Payload: 1044 kg . Check out upgrades to the Cirrus Vision Jet G2, including performance improvements and autothrottles. This business jet … Take a Ride with AOPA on the Vision Jet. Features like side yoke controls, the Cirrus Perspective Touch™ by Garmin® avionics, Synthetic Vision … Max operating Altitude. G2 SF50 Vision Jet JetStream Paid Through June 2022 or 780Hours Annual /100 Hour inspection completed Feb 2020. Company history, position in the market today, notable events, crashes, and commonly asked questions answered. *Price Reduced*. He talks about the higher speed and service ceiling, product pricing, … Specs. The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is designed to be flown by the owner which is a unique concept in privately owned passenger jets. 96 The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet G2 was just announced and Cirrus Product Manager Matt Bergwall tells us what’s new with this amazing jet. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 31,000', a normal … Cirrus Vision Jet Aircraft Charter. ; Wingspan: 11,6 8m . It has a maximum operating altitude of 28,000 feet, and takes off in … In 2011, Cirrus … CAPTCHA. Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet SpecificationsS.N. Landing distance over 50ft obstacle: 3,011 FT. The SF50 Vision Jet G2 is a single pilot certified 5-seat (3-passenger cabin) very light business jet (VLJ) with an optional 7 seat configuration including 2 children’s seats in the cabin. Cirrus Aircraft The Vision Jet can cruise at 345 mph, which will take passengers from New York to Miami in about 3 hours. Specifications Powerplant | Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan, 1,846 lbst Length | 30 ft 8 in Height | 10 ft 11 in Wingspan | 38 … News. ; Maximum takeoff weight: 2722 kg . Everything about the Vision Jet has been designed to make the aircraft a pleasure to own and fly. The Cirrus Vision SF50 is a very light jet originally designed and manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft, based in Minnesota, USA. ... SOLD: 2019 CIRRUS SF50 G2 Vision Jet (N178FA) Inquire About This Aircraft. Cirrus Vision SF50 Cockpit, Specifications, Interior, as well as Price.Cirrus Vision SF50 is a very light-weight single-engine business jet with 7 seats designed and manufactured by Cirrus Style Company (CDC), United States. Landing distance: 1,628 FT. Takeoff distance over 50ft obstacle: 3,192 FT. Sales Email. 2017 CIRRUS VISION SF50 Jets for sale located in Provo UT from Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales - Paul Sallach 2383389. The Vision Jet is the realization of a vision to reimagine and reinvent the jet airplane in order to create a whole new category of aircraft —The Personal Jet. June 28, 2017. This is a fully loaded aircraft with the Elite Package and 315 hours total time since new. The Vision Jet’s maximum altitude has risen from 28,000 feet to 31,000 feet. The parachute can be deployed above 1,000 feet AGL. N945AA is a well-cared for and professionally managed G1 SF50 Vision Jet that is ready to go. Model Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet. This listing was posted on May 08, 2020. ; Cruising speed: 556 km \ h . Specifications Cirrus Vision SF50. Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) into the Vision Jet was a design priority for Cirrus. 6 — Price as equipped: $2,333,800 Characteristics Wing Loading: 30.7 lb./sq. Sitemap. Cirrus VisionJet Private Jet Charter and Rental Prices. At FL280, the Vision pilot can choose maximum continuous thrust cruise at 300 ktas burning 69 gph/462 pph, for a range (criteria not provided) of 1,000 nm. Operating Weights Max T/O Weight: 6000 Lb Empty Weight: 3572 Lb Fuel Capacity: 2000 lbs Lb Payload W/Full Fuel: 400 Lb Max Payload: 1200 Lb We Fly: Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet. Latest. We put the world’s first single-engine personal jet to the test on a memorable real-world trip.

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